Sharpening the Axe

  You know that quotation by Abraham Lincoln? Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. Reputedly this means that preparation is important, but that’s not how I understood it when I first heard it. I thought it referred to the fine art of … More Sharpening the Axe

Compare Not

I want to be a good writer. I know I’m a decent writer as is, but I don’t want to be decent. I want to be good. Sometimes I’m quite happy with what I produce, but other times I find myself despairing. This happens particularly when I read posts or books or poems by people … More Compare Not

The Right to Write

I’ve taken to proselytizing. I want to spread the joy. I’ve found myself recommending blogging to others, even repeatedly. Blogging’s given me so much and I’ve seen so many other people online who seem to have benefited a great deal from it that I just can’t believe everyone doesn’t want a blog. I’ve found that often … More The Right to Write

Shed Blogging

Christmas is approaching fast. That’s fine, that’s great, but I’m feeling the dread already: When will I have the time to write? Where will I write? We’re going to spend the holidays with relatives so for a week or so I won’t have access to “a room of my own” as Virginia Woolf put it. I will … More Shed Blogging

Cherish the Chain

  So I’ve been tempted to take a break, but I can’t do it. I’m thinking of Jerry Seinfeld and his wonderful productivity rule: “Don’t break the chain.” This means that once you’re onto a streak at whatever it is you wish to be doing, you should do it every day and never skip. I … More Cherish the Chain

Wrapping It Up

I’ve been participating in the Writing 101 course at the Blogging University, and this is our final day. Sigh! I’ll miss this course. For our last prompt we have been asked to do a course wrap-up, so here goes. The most important take-aways from Writing 101 I loved the emphasis on different ways of writing a … More Wrapping It Up

Dreams of Perfection

Yesterday I watched a documentary called Jiro Dreams of Sushi, depicting the life of an 85-year-old sushi-master called Jiro. When this film was shot, he had been making sushi for 75 years, ever since the age of 10. He practically never took time off and lived for his work in every possible sense. His apprentices were … More Dreams of Perfection