The Bermuda Skunk

Mom returned from the toilet, smelling like she’d dived headfirst to a barrel of whiskey. She must’ve bought the bottle at the tax-free when I wasn’t looking. Her promises were always empty, much like her beer cans. “Bermuda awaits, hon!” Her breath made me wanna puke. The stewardess glanced our way, checking if everyone’s seat belts were fastened. I slid out … More The Bermuda Skunk

Coming Up

Underneath the blanket The oxygen ran out so I had to come up. I had to throw off the blanket, The color of corals and the mistrals of the deep The unbreakable blackness Where shrimps hide In little crevices of soul Limpets cling to skin and fish swim through Lungs filled with black, tarry water.   Come … More Coming Up

The Watchcat

Kitty had been sniffing around the table, nosing for leftover ham when the first slash of red traversed the kitchen. She froze and stared, her eyes black plates of curiosity. More small men came through the chimney. Finally a big man in a red coat, white beard like the ragamuffin she used to know. The man lifted a … More The Watchcat


At seventeen, The sun in my face, I walked down an interminable road towards Something, I never knew what But I was so sure I would reach it, and great things would be at the end of the road Things of passion and light.   By 27, I’d learned that adult life was not about passion Nor about … More Disillusionment

Jones Must Die

“I want him dead,” the man said, staring right at me. Whisky bottle bottoms for eyes, Movember had lasted till March for this guy, and the 70s to this century. When he went to get another drink, I snuck out like a ghost. I took the rusty fire escape in giant leaps. At the bottom of it, … More Jones Must Die

Angelic Mind

You know how it is, you of all people, you of the angelic mind. You’ve seen me sit in front of the typewriter trying to gouge out the words, trying to perform a mental lobotomy and anesthetize my fears. Your feet are never dirty and you sit across from me with your legs crossed, smiling … More Angelic Mind

Lizard’s Dream

    That night the valley below us was aglow with glittering lights. We listened to the cicadas as they spread out their blanket of scratchy sounds, and  watched as the bats Flew from hill to hill, their dark cloaks almost invisible in the black sky Screaming warnings to little creatures, unsafe in the night. Then someone noticed the lizard, asleep on the wall, its … More Lizard’s Dream

Demanding Customers

  Dear children this is your Mommy, Let me write you a little poem You may read it when you’ll understand When you have children of your own:     On Monday I served stir-fried pork With fish sauce and lemongrass You pushed it across the table And said: “I don’t like that!”   The next day … More Demanding Customers