The Drilling Hour

I’ve always had lousy teeth in spite of a relatively healthy diet, and I’ve had to endure hours of agony in the dentist’s chair as a kid. I still remember staring at a Moomin (a Finnish children’s icon) poster in the ceiling through my tears, trying desperately to think of ice-cream as the cheerful dental … More The Drilling Hour

How Much Do Hunter-Gatherers Sleep? You’d Be Surprised.

People who live in Paleolithic conditions don’t get any more sleep than modern people according to a recent study that studied the sleeping habits of three modern hunter-gatherer tribes. These folks don’t watch television, they don’t hang on the Internet, they don’t have alarm clocks, and yet they only clock in at around 6.5 hours … More How Much Do Hunter-Gatherers Sleep? You’d Be Surprised.

Lithium for Children?

This morning I nearly choked on my coffee when I read this headline: “Lithium Safe for Children as Effective Treatment for Bipolar Disorder.” Those three words (lithium, safe, children) were not something that my head could reasonably fit in the same sentence. From what I’ve heard of lithium it’s not even safe in adults. My definition … More Lithium for Children?

Why Chewing Matters

Today at lunch I was feeling stressed out. I started to attack my chicken salad, trying to gulp it down as fast as possible, as usual. Then I paused. Why was I rushing it? What was the hurry? I decided to eat the food mindfully, and chew properly. Most people don’t eat slowly enough, especially … More Why Chewing Matters

The Drugs Don’t Work

The recent shooting in Oregano has once more brought up debate about what is causing this madness. There are several theories, one of which is prevalent drug use. When I say drug use, I’m not talking about street drugs. I’m talking about psychoactive prescription drugs. One in ten people in America is taking an anti-depressant. … More The Drugs Don’t Work