Sugar Irrational

Lately I’ve been slagging off nutrition-wise. I’ve been eating a lot of sugar, letting the amounts of caffeine and alcohol creep up, and then I’ve eaten some more sugar, with sugar on top. I know I’m not a truly bad case, but for the past few weeks sugary treats have been more of a daily/twice/thrice … More Sugar Irrational

Through Their Eyes

To my initial dismay and subsequent education, I had to videotape myself a while back for a job interview. Like many people, I was horrified at seeing myself on video. Everything, from my mannerisms, to my posture, to the sound of my voice were excruciating. I resembled someone with severe sciatic nerve pain delivering a eulogy … More Through Their Eyes

They Must Play

Yesterday I posted a few of my kids’ drawings depicting their Star Wars imagery. The pictures elicited a comment where another blogger was concerned that my belief about this being a part of children’s culture and not anything to worry about, was something that I might regret saying if someone were to be murdered by a lightsaber sometime in the … More They Must Play

Have No Shame

Yesterday I read this great post on a blog called Flight and Scarlet where she describes the effect rape had on her sex life. Go over and read it if you haven’t, it’s a brave post on a very important subject. I left a comment and Flight and Scarlet responded saying that she’s worried that … More Have No Shame

I Have a Secret

When I was younger, I had this recurring nightmare. I had just killed someone, and was trying to hide the body. I hadn’t meant to kill anyone, and couldn’t even actually remember doing it, but there I was with the body, and I had to choose, quickly, between either confessing or hiding the evidence. For … More I Have a Secret

The Placebo Prayer

As a kid, I prayed every night before going to bed. Sometimes I prayed when I really desperately wanted something or was feeling unhappy. Praying made me feel like I was doing something when I didn’t know what to do. I pretty much stopped praying at the same time that I stopped believing in God. Well, I did … More The Placebo Prayer