Workout fail vol. 1

      I uploaded the Seven minute workout-app in June. The rationale behind it is simple: Do intensive workout for seven minutes every day, and that’s all you have to do. Just seven minutes! Over the entire week it’s altogether 49 minutes, less than an hour. Who the heck doesn’t have seven minutes? For … More Workout fail vol. 1

The Selfish Moper’s Guide to Survival in a Meaningless Universe

Yesterday I felt like I was juggling a million balls and couldn’t catch even one. There was just so much to do with the house and the kids and the rest of my life. I have a good education but I wish I had chosen another career. I wished I was younger. I longed for all the … More The Selfish Moper’s Guide to Survival in a Meaningless Universe

Is Your Shower Safe?

Today after showering, the glass shower wall in our bathroom exploded all over my husband. I heard this loud sound, immediately thinking that it sounded like the wall shattering, and ran to the bathroom to find the shower floor covered in glass and spatters of blood in the sink and on the walls.  The hubby had … More Is Your Shower Safe?

A New Day

New Year’s resolutions have an unpleasant clang to them these days. Everyone makes big promises they can’t keep, the gyms overflow with new members, stores are emptied of diet drinks, cocktail bars lose customers, but come February, everything’s pretty much back to normal. This is why New Year’s resolutions are seen as kind of silly by … More A New Day

Family Ties

Christmas is family time. Christmas is spending slightly too many days with the above-mentioned family. Christmas is doing your best not to get into an argument with members of the family in spite of all the things you really should discuss. Christmas is remembering why you hate them so much, and immediately afterwards why you … More Family Ties