Bad Parents

I was talking to a friend of mine and mentioned that I would have felt bad if my kids had needed to start attending daycare at one year. She froze and got defensive, at which moment I realized that her son had in fact started daycare early, and incidentally it was at one year of … More Bad Parents

Traveling, with Kids

Over the holidays we’ve stayed at relatives’ houses and I’ve remembered just why kids tie you down. It isn’t that you can’t do anything or go anywhere with kids. You can. Sure. You can go almost anywhere. If you get a babysitter you can go to nightclubs even. You can travel. You can go hiking. … More Traveling, with Kids

The Demented Elf

The best thing about Christmas coming? Soon I will no longer have to undergo this Advent calendar torture. I know, no one forced me to buy one of these calendars where you supply the treat/surprise yourself. I went down this road because I had one as a kid, and I absolutely adored it. The surprises probably … More The Demented Elf

Demanding Customers

  Dear children this is your Mommy, Let me write you a little poem You may read it when you’ll understand When you have children of your own:     On Monday I served stir-fried pork With fish sauce and lemongrass You pushed it across the table And said: “I don’t like that!”   The next day … More Demanding Customers

They Must Play

Yesterday I posted a few of my kids’ drawings depicting their Star Wars imagery. The pictures elicited a comment where another blogger was concerned that my belief about this being a part of children’s culture and not anything to worry about, was something that I might regret saying if someone were to be murdered by a lightsaber sometime in the … More They Must Play

Lego Apocalypse Now

Zoom, zoom. The children are spurting round my parent’s house. The air they displace caresses my cheek almost imperceptibly. They go round a corner, enter the living room, are through the dining room in one huge leap and predictably as Monday mornings they’re back. Vroom, vroom. They’re gone again. Round and round they go. I … More Lego Apocalypse Now