Workout fail vol. 1




I uploaded the Seven minute workout-app in June. The rationale behind it is simple: Do intensive workout for seven minutes every day, and that’s all you have to do. Just seven minutes! Over the entire week it’s altogether 49 minutes, less than an hour. Who the heck doesn’t have seven minutes? For health, people!

Well, I did the workout. I even got the kids involved and the we did push-ups with great verve, jumping jacks, sit-ups, oh it was such fun. Seven minutes, and we were done! All set. We were all expecting the next day.

The challenge was to do the workout every day for six months. I would rise to this challenge. Yes, I would!

I proudly displayed the heart-system that comes with this ingenious program to the boys. Every month you got three lives, and if you lost all of those lives, you had to start from day one again. We still had three hearts.

The kind people who had made this app explained that they had created the heart-system since they understood that people had lives. People were busy, or they might fall ill. Sometimes, you’d need to take a day off, like really need to.

The next day, I felt ill. I felt exhausted and my throat ached, and there was no point in doing high-intensity workout in that condition, even if it was only for seven minutes. So the boys watched with dread as the evening drew to a close, and they realized that we would lose a heart. My older son suggested that he might do the workout instead of me and I had to inform him that working out unfortunately doesn’t work that way.

So we missed a couple of days. The boys were a little dejected about us losing all our lives in one fell swoop, but what could we do? Anyway,  I’d only done the workout once. I’d start again.

Three days later I felt better so I did a super-low-intensity version of the high-intensity work-out. Almost immediately afterwards my throat started to ache again, and I plopped down on the sofa with exhaustion.

Ever since that day, every evening I hear the whistle that calls me to rise to the challenge. “Got 7 minutes?”, it asks. Surely, you’ve got to have seven minutes? What they really are trying to say is: How lazy are you?

Well, I’ve got seven but I’ve also got a headache and a bottle of wine waiting for me in the fridge. Also, I went for a walk two days ago. It was a nice, calm walk, that didn’t leave me with a sore throat.




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