Day one – again

I’m back to the blog. Yay?

I’ve worked on loads of projects, some of which are developing okay-ish now but I’ve made the decision to keep on with this blog. Why? Because I need it. It helps to keep me on track.

Hundred and Counting was a big deal for me when I first started it. It helped me when I needed to find out that I could write, and that I could do it regularly. I stopped it because it was starting to take up too much of my time. It started to feel like hard work.

Now I want to keep on doing this but with a few changes. I will blog every day, except probably not on week-ends. Unless I feel like it of course. This improvement is for my sanity’s sake. My sanity’s worn thin as it is, and I really wish to keep the remaining shreds. They might make a nice quilt one day.

Also, I will not spend hours writing and perfecting every comma. Believe it or not, that is what I have been doing up till now. I will lower my standards to an even more abysmal level, that of Adam Sandler films and chicken nugget meals.

I will write about whatever strikes my fancy but I will probably narrow it down a bit more. I will participate in challenges but not in awards. I was terrible at doing awards posts, so I think it’s best to drop it. I’m really, truly grateful for every single nomination I’ve gotten, though. They’ve always made my day, so thank you!

The illustration that leads to this post to portrays my determination to work hard like the proverbial ants. Although, the reality is that I will actually work harder, since ants hibernate during the winter. Not me. Absolutely no hibernation will be possible this year.

I’ll be writing instead.






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