My first (potentially paid) writing gig!

It’s been a while! How’ve you all been?

I haven’t been blogging, but I have been writing some. Today the parenting site Mamalode published my essay Why Perfect Mothers Fail. It’s the first thing I’ve published officially somewhere since the school magazine grudgingly accepted my poem in eighth grade. Yay! Hop over to read it if you’re interested, here’s the link:

They might actually pay me a few quid if 50.000 people read it or something. I know for a fact that 10 people have been there so there’s only a few to go! If they gave me money for this, I would probably keel over with astonishment and die.

I haven’t given up on the dream even though I’ve (seriously) cut down on posting. Really. I’m going to start another blog as soon as I’m going to start another blog. I’ve got a name for a new blog stuck in my head that I’m not quite happy with but I can’t think of any other names. Perhaps I’m going to have to go with the stuck one.

I wonder how people in general come up with blog names? Do they have a fabulous moment of inspiration or do they just grab the first name they can think of? Draw words out of a hat?

If someone still reads this blog, please tell me how you did it. How did you come up with The Name?

Too many questions. I’ll be off now. It was fun posting after such a long break.



8 thoughts on “My first (potentially paid) writing gig!

  1. OOOO how exciting!!! My blog names always come from things I’ve heard or read that seem interesting to me, so I draw from life 🙂 Make sure to let us know when that new blog is up 😉


  2. Mine came from no longer allowing others to shape my opinions of myself. I’m still fat I know that but I have more self acceptance than I used too.


  3. Hahaha , I have exactly the same thoughts. How do they get those great names for their blogs 😀 Maybe one day, the perfect name for our blogs will also rush into our heads …

    Greetings :-*


  4. I called my blog “Scribblings” because my writing tends not to be very serious. I got to the word by going to a thesaurus, typing in the word “write,” and seeing what came up. 🙂


    1. That’s a good idea. I like your blog’s name. I’ve actually made pretty good progress with the new blog now. Thanks to everyone for your tips! 🙂

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