Is Your Shower Safe?

Today after showering, the glass shower wall in our bathroom exploded all over my husband. I heard this loud sound, immediately thinking that it sounded like the wall shattering, and ran to the bathroom to find the shower floor covered in glass and spatters of blood in the sink and on the walls. safetyglass

The hubby had bleeding cuts on his hands and arms, and bits of glass all over him. The pieces of glass and the glass dust were everywhere and when I was cleaning it off later, the nearly invisible pieces of glass were even on the walls.

I had no idea that this could happen. I wanted to post about it since I think people should be more aware of the danger that may be lurking in their bathrooms. I read in an article (you find the link at the end of this blog post) that cracks in tempered glass propagate at the speed of 4.4 times the speed of sound, and the energy released is “almost unimaginable”. All you need is the tiniest crack and the whole wall will literally explode.

Tempered glass or not, those tiny fragments are still glass, and they can cause injury. It may not be as grievous as injury caused by large slivers of ordinary glass, but it is still injury. We were lucky and had this happen to my husband rather than to one of the kids. Even if they hadn’t been seriously injured, they would have had the fright of their lives. If they had acted on instinct and tried to walk out of the shower, they might have injured their feet badly.

So be aware. According to this article , published in September 2015, there have been nearly 200 complaints in the U.S. about breaking shower doors within the last two years. The article suggests that you might apply a special film to the shower door/wall to hold it together if it does break. Personally I doubt we’ll get any more glass in our bathroom unless it’s 100% safe.

If you want to know more about this issue, here is the link to the article I mentioned that explains extensively the reasons why these accidents happen, and how to prevent them:

15 thoughts on “Is Your Shower Safe?

  1. I wish I could send this to my parents. I wouldn’t go in their bathroom because of the glass shower door. Sorry, but after having not one but 3 pyrex dishes explode on/into me, I don’t trust being even semi vulnerable around glass!
    Hope the hubby doesn’t keep having glass surface. With the pieces being small to dustlike, it’s scary to think about how much really got in or can still be there…


    1. Oh no :S That’s some rotten luck you’ve had. It is scary, and “safety glass” starts to sound almost ironic. It’s safer, but it’s still glass…


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