A New Day

New Year’s resolutions have an unpleasant clang to them these days. Everyone makes big promises they can’t keep, the gyms overflow with new members, stores are emptied of diet drinks, cocktail bars lose customers, but come February, everything’s pretty much back to normal. This is why New Year’s resolutions are seen as kind of silly by most people. I love to make them anyway.

New Year for me is about regrouping my energies and thinking forward. I think it’s much like the annual reports that companies make. You have to think about the past year. What went wrong and what went right? Are you going in the right direction with the things your life? Are you going in your direction?

Essentially the New Year may not be any better a time to do a make-over on your life than any other date during the rest of the year, but there is something inspiring about the thought of turning over a new leaf not only in your calendar but also in your life. If this is the inspiration you need, go for it. There’ll be many more people around you doing the same.

I think it’s great that people have the courage to look ahead at the forthcoming year and make big plans. Some of these plans will inevitably fail, but failure means that you at least tried. Of course it’s even better if you persevere and succeed, but if not this year, maybe next year, or maybe even next month? And, truth be told, you may even want to try again the next day, since the New Year may only roll around once a year, but a New Day arrives punctually each morning.

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