Shed Blogging

Christmas is approaching fast. That’s fine, that’s great, but I’m feeling the dread already: When will I have the time to write? Where will I write?

We’re going to spend the holidays with relatives so for a week or so I won’t have access to “a room of my own” as Virginia Woolf put it. I will be in the “room of my mother-in-law’s” which I’m pretty confident Virginia would never have recommended.

There’s nothing wrong with the actual room, it’s just much more difficult to sneak off and tap away in peace. The kids will sleep in this same room (the sound you hear is that of Virginia groaning in her tomb) so I won’t be able to retire there peacefully once they’re down for the night. I have to sit at the kitchen table, practically begging for people to approach me.

Don’t get me wrong, I have lovely relatives and I’m glad to see them, but if I don’t get my writing time, I begin to turn green and my nails start growing. If people start talking to me while I write, ask me what I’m doing, or won’t I please come and decorate the Christmas tree instead, I will curl my upper body over the laptop, flash them my best Grinch grin and growl: “Leave me alone!” If they persist, I may throw apple cores at them, kick the Christmas tree and eat all the candy canes.

Well, that’s the fantasy anyway. I know I’m not going to do that. I’m going to go and decorate the damn tree and smile. I’m even going to enjoy it. But deep down inside I’ll be tearing myself apart because I just really want that time to write and I’m too blogsessed (blog-obsessed: is that a word? Shouldn’t it be?) to take a holiday and feel good about it like normal people.

So maybe I’ll try to whip up some preliminary blog posts before Christmas if I can, so it won’t take so long to post each day. Or maybe Christmas (and staying with relatives) will give me a lot to fume about so I won’t have any trouble coming up with material quickly. Or maybe the kids will get to spend a lot of daddy-time while mommy’s being antisocial. And then, once I’ve posted, maybe I’ll relax for a bit! Wouldn’t that be fun.

What about you? Any plans for Christmas blogging? Are you going to take a decent holiday from it, or blog even more than usual?

(By the way: I learned the other day that in spite of all her talk about rooms, Virginia Woolf actually wrote in a garden shed. If I get desperate, I’ll try that.)

8 thoughts on “Shed Blogging

  1. I freaked out about it when we went to visit our new graddaughter in September. Just foubd myself on it anywhere we went. There wasn’t time for spending two hours writing one like I did this morning, but it was ok. You’ll find a way. Writing always finds a way, I’m thinkin’!

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  2. I am definitely working on some preliminary blog posts so that I can be less focused on the writing and more focused on being in the moment. This is the first time in 16 years that I get to spend Christmas with my family so I want to take it all in.

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    1. Wow, well I wouldn’t blame you for missing a post or two under such circumstances. I hope you a lovely Christmas, sounds like it’s going to be really special.


  3. I have a few posts in the work for that week. And I’ve accepted that it will probably be a “blogging vacation” weekend. 🙂

    Enjoy your time with your family! But if you need to take some time for you, make sure to do so! 🙂


  4. I sometimes line them up in drafts but sometimes inspiration hits and something else wants to be written. The time will present itself!


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