Demanding Customers


Dear children this is your Mommy,

Let me write you a little poem

You may read it when you’ll understand

When you have children of your own:



On Monday I served stir-fried pork

With fish sauce and lemongrass

You pushed it across the table

And said: “I don’t like that!”


The next day I served some mincemeat

With rice, an easy dish

But you pushed it across the table

And said: “I want my fish!”


On Wednesday Daddy was cooking

And all was unusually well

You smiled and asked for seconds

“I love Dad’s mackerel.”


Next day I served chicken breasts

In rice and cream and curry

You pushed it across the table

And said: “I’m not that hungry.”


Friday was pizza night

And your faces were all aglow

Until they brought in the pizza: “But Mom!

I said no oregano!”


Saturday I cooked you pasta

And since flavorless wheat is yummy

You just quietly picked out the meat and said:

“Can I have some ketchup, Mommy?”


On Sunday we cooked a roast

With potato wedges and carrots

But you never came to eat it.

You were busy playing with robots.


6 thoughts on “Demanding Customers

  1. You just gotta figure when they get hungry they’ll eat. Food issues are one of those “pick your battles” things. Of course you COULD not cook anything one night and see what happens.Give them pb&j for dinner. 🙂


    1. I know, and I’m not really battling them over this. The older one is actually a pretty good eater. This is mostly me venting the frustrations of feeding the younger kid who’s been eating so badly for the last week or two. Luckily it’s not always that bad. Pb&j dinner would probably suit them more than fine. 😀


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