Need to Delete

My disk space has been crammed for the last few days and I have to make some choices. No longer can I just download new applications and have thousands of pictures on my hard drive. The biggest problem is the photographs.

In the age of digital photography, most people have such massive numbers of photos stashed away somewhere and they keep piling up, while nothing is done to them. I think this must be a particularly big problem in families with children where the motivation to keep the photos is great (who could be heartless enough to delete those twenty shots of little Paulie walking on the beach with an ice cream cone, each one equally adorable?), loads of photos are taken, and there is very little time to do anything about them.

I don’t even take all that many photos, yet when I ran the Duplicate Detective software on my Pictures file, it found 14,500 files and roughly 2GB of duplicates. Unbelievable. About the same number of duplicates was found in my music files. I got rid of those and now I’ve got some extra space. But the problem remains: What to do with those ever-increasing pictures?

I could make a photo-book with them, and I have made a couple in my life. I know, it’s easy and everything. But I still can’t decide if it’s a good idea to keep most of the original files. When I look through them, I feel such nostalgia. I just find it so hard to press delete on any of those adorable baby faces.

I know I could get some extra storage space and put them there. I’ve even got some. But that’s just moving the problem to another place. I should make the decision to delete at least 50% of the files, but it would probably take me days to go through them. In five years time it’s going probably going to take me months. The situation gets graver by the day.

Have you found a solution to end this photo deluge? If you, dear reader, have any suggestions or ideas, please tell me in the comments. I need to delete.

18 thoughts on “Need to Delete

  1. Tried Dropbox or something similar? I find that it works pretty good. And then figure out if you want to make albums or something like that afterwards 🙂


    1. I’m not that great with these technical innovations, lol. I’ll need to cut down on some files first and then move some over to Dropbox. I’ve got the account, I’ve just never really used it…


    1. Wow. I’m so happy that I realized there’s software that does the work for me. I had no idea there are so many duplicates on my computer!


      1. I didn’t know there was software that could do it for me. Then again, I’m entirely too anal to trust a software program. I do remember going to bed exhausted from the mental effort.


      2. Yeah, you can go through the files before you delete them but I would’ve felt suspicious too if those had been the only copies of some really important pictures. Now my husband has pictures of his own so all would not be lost even if I botched up royally.


  2. I have no solution other than the 1T portable hard drive I store all of mine on. LOL!


  3. my dad does the portable hard drive option as well. a few years ago, he took all the photo albums in the house (his main concerns being his wedding album and all the baby albums) and scanned the pictures, put them on an external harddrive and then put it into this safety deposit box. that was he was saving the most important photos and keeping them away from the house so 1)he couldn’t just keep adding to it, and 2) in case of a disaster, they were safe in a bank. it was tough to decide which photos to include but he says it was definitely worth it.


  4. Something I do that helps a lot with photoes and is easy to do. Put them in a sub folder called YYYYMMDD where YYYY is the year the picture was taken.. MM is the month and DD is the day. Example 20151225. Using this plan you pictures from Christmas this year are easy to find and the computer operating system will automatically keep things in sorted order. I have used this scheme for six years band it only takes a few seconds and it really helps when you need to find that special picture of Mom you made at Christmas in 2011.


    1. Luckily my camera automatically puts the photos in folders by date when I download them. But then I’ve got some folders with only the one photo and that’s kind of messy too. But you’re so right, it really helps to find them when looking for a particular photo!


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