Wrapping It Up

I’ve been participating in the Writing 101 course at the Blogging University, and this is our final day. Sigh! I’ll miss this course. For our last prompt we have been asked to do a course wrap-up, so here goes.

The most important take-aways from Writing 101

  1. I loved the emphasis on different ways of writing a post. A letter, an interview, a list, something inspired by a map, or social media… It was great to experiment with different things, things I might not have done without this course, but which I might well do again after gaining some experience with them. I regret I didn’t do the interview part, since that would have been a fantastic experience. Maybe next time.
  2. I learned to make my own map in Google Maps and embedded it in a post. That is a skill I value a lot, since this was so easy to do but I’m not sure I would’ve thought of doing it on my own. This is a useful skill for both life and blog.
  3. Experimenting with post length was fun. I might even do another short post sometime in the future. Or a gigantic one that never ends.
  4. I’ve wandered onto a lot of blogs and started following many interesting ones. It’s always good to have new stuff on the Reader, now if only I had the time to read everything there…
  5. We analyzed our writing habits a lot, and this made me remember the importance of taking creative breaks from writing.

In the end Writing 101 seemed to go by really quickly. I had fun and though some posts were really difficult to write, I’m glad I survived them all somehow.

I met some lovely people and read wonderful posts during the course, so thank you for everyone who traveled with me if even for the tiniest bit!


5 thoughts on “Wrapping It Up

  1. You did great! I liked it when I took it, too, but missed a couple assignments in the middle as we were out of town. I thought it was a very versatile little class.


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