Losing Rationality

Once more Kalashnikovs have been pulled, bombs thrown around like water balloons and many have died in Paris. So everyone is shocked. I am deeply sorry for the people who have lost a loved one to such a terrible, mindless act of violence, an act that brings no good to anyone in this world.

In Finland we have plenty of people who are saying that we’re only getting what we ordered by allowing so many refugees and immigrants to enter Europe. “See?” they’re saying, “We told you so, and now you’re suffering the consequences.” They think that the answer is to keep immigrants in their own countries where they can die quietly without bothering us. But this solution is way too simple for such a complex problem.

All through history people have migrated to other parts of the world to search for a better future. These people are leaving their countries and risking their lives for a reason. By closing our eyes to the root causes behind this phenomenon, and starting to blame the victims, we are allowing the terrorist organizations to grow stronger.

Lack of education furthers the foothold that terrorism has. Religious brainwashing is not education. Education is supposed to teach us to think intelligently about what we see, whereas religion teaches us to believe before we see. There are regrettably many crazy fundamental Muslims, but there are probably just as many crazy fundamental Christians out there, and they are all basing their beliefs on things written thousands of years ago by people who thought the Earth was flat and that eating pork or shrimp was poisonous. Both of these things have been disproven quite convincingly, but of course proof is nothing to deter fanatics.

There is no rationality behind what the Isis teaches. The members need to hold their beliefs for some reason, but while some might have started out unhinged, many have been lured into the madness. Religious fanatics are not healthy people. Let’s remember that they have decided they want to be a part of an organization that chops people’s heads off because a book says so. But this can’t be said of the majority of religious people who haven’t lost their capacity of thought when they’ve opened the same book.

Isis, just like any other system of cruelty, thrives on fear, paranoia and hatred. Groups like this have existed everywhere, regardless of religion or race, and their favorite tool for making people fight is pitting one nationality or religion against another. Kind of like the bull and the red cloth, but I do wish we were smarter than that. If we start believing that the normal Muslims and the immigrants are the enemy, we are playing the Isis’s own game, creating rancor and instability, both of which will only help them gain more power.

Isis must be stopped, but if we don’t work seriously towards solving the root causes behind these phenomena, it is going to be like with the ancient water monster Hydra. Chop one head off and two more will emerge.

I’m not sure people will ever change in this respect, but we can try. We can look after each other, be kind to everyone regardless of nationality or religion, be firm in our stance against cruelty and injustice, and help everyone in this world have food and education. Religious fanaticism won’t disappear, but at least we will be eating into its foothold.


5 thoughts on “Losing Rationality

  1. In some strange way I think if the world could come together to put at end to this terrorism at its source, we might be one step closer to that peace we all want. But we have to put an end to it together. Can that ever happen? Big question…


  2. Well said. I always appreciate when I find a personally written article (as opposed to a news article) that can look at the issue of religion and terrorism and offer an insightful opinion without causing an uproar by those who read it. You have voiced your opinion in an eloquent and respectful way.


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