Writing in Places

I sit down at my desk, or kitchen table. Even bed or sofa will do, I’m not too picky. Right now it’s the stairs while the kids are trying not to sleep. I flip open my Mac. WordPress, Word, words.

I’m one of those writers who drink. Coffee’s a favorite, but fizzy water’s good too, that’s what I’m on now. Tea steps in when there’s been too much coffee already. Being properly hydrated helps me think. I’d love to drink wine while writing, but too much wine spills onto paper (usually just in the figurative sense), so I try to save it for later. I try to stay close to places with drinks when I write. A cup holder is the minimum requirement.

I’m an indoor writer. I’ve tried writing outside in the summer, but it doesn’t work. All the sunlight obscures the screen and there’s just too much noise. And then there are all the other interruptions. Birds shitting on the garden chair. Ants using your leg for Mt. Everest. Cigarette smoke wafting over from the neighbor’s yard. Your kids throwing balls at you. Neighbor’s kids throwing balls at you. Interruptions, interruptions, interruptions. Even a statue of Buddha would feel distracted in my backyard.

So I stay indoors, even if the day is lovely. I type, I drink. I don’t eat. Eating and typing at the same time are the kind of multitasking I am simply not evolved for.

I’ve written before about writing in cafés and how that really doesn’t work for me. Pretty much all public places are the same. I’ll try it again one day, maybe. Libraries are okay for writing but there’s no library right next to my house so I don’t bother.

So I write in the privacy of my own home. It may sound boring, but it’s not boring for me. The only thing that is likely to assault my sensibilities here is all the housework I really should start doing as soon as possible. I did some laundry just now, since laundry baskets, dirty dishes and dust bunnies practically start talking to me as soon as I sit down to write. “I’m here, Laura!” they yell. “Look, you’ve got work to do! Why are you sitting at that keyboard again?” Then i have to act fast and start writing. That usually does the trick and gradually the voices in the laundry basket are extinguished.

Sometimes I write in the car, although never while I’m driving. I’ve heard that some people dictate their texts when they’re commuting from work. Sounds difficult, but perhaps once you get used to it… It’s not something I’d necessarily do on public transport, though.

So that’s where I write. Now, I’d love to hear from you. As part of our Writing 101 course we have been asked to create a contact page and ask people to use it. I have been planning on creating such a page for weeks and now I have actually managed to do it. Thank you, Writing 101 for that hefty kick in the backside!

Here is the link https://hundredandcounting.wordpress.com/contact/ or alternatively you can just navigate there using the menu.

I’d really appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have. What kind of content have you liked on the blog? What not so much? Is there anything you’d like me to focus more on in the future? Is there something I should never, ever, ever blog about again as long as we both shall live?

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