10 things I love about my kids

  1. Their personalities that are all their own, not yet mutilated by peer pressure and forced attempts to fit in
  2. Their hands that are soft on the inside like a kitten’s mittens.
  3. When they shout, and shout and shout, and then it’s so quiet that you can actually hear the quietness.
  4. Doing something new with them, something they’ve never done before and even though I have, they make me see it with new eyes.
  5. Watching them learn new things, like how to peel an orange or how to say Obi Wan Kenobi. Seeing them grow, which is the happiest feeling in the world, even though it means that one day they will leave.
  6. Little socks and shirts and underwear all around the house in various stages of dirtiness, spread around like breadcrumbs to help me keep track of where they are.
  7. When they look at me and say “mommy, mommy!”, their eyes are full of enthusiasm and I feel so lucky that I get to be the one they turn to when they’re happy.
  8. When they scrape a knee, and I become a magical healer who makes boo-boos disappear with the slightest exhalation
  9. Holding them in my arms and having meaningful conversations about the world and the people and the animals in it, and its diamonds, and pirates and songs.
  10. Saying good night to them, their kisses like tiny butterflies on my cheek.

7 thoughts on “10 things I love about my kids

  1. This is so cute and heartwarming. 🙂 I can relate so much with point no 1, it’s terrifying sometimes to see things people would do in order to be accepted by others.


  2. Beautiful. My kids are no longer little – 16 and 9. In less than 2 years my son will become a Marine. I couldn’t be prouder, scared at the same time, but this new chapter in his life will be amazing for sure. My daughter is still growing and learning new things. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Oh, I can’t even imagine how you must feel about that. My boys are still little, 3 and 5. I try not to think too much about when they’ll be all grown up.

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