Epicurean Seizures and Words of Love

Why I write, you ask. I often wonder the same thing. Writing is hard, and good writing is harder. Writing is a potential source of repetitive strain injury. Writing as a career option makes about as much sense as an umbrella made of toilet paper. It’s cheap at first, sure, but it doesn’t keep you covered. To have any protection from the elements, you have to constantly keep coming up with more material, and in spite of all your hard work, everyone’s seen countless umbrellas out there that are far superior to your one. Also, writing is not at all fun at times. Like now.

I’ve been a right moron and signed up for both Blogging 201 and Writing 101. I’ve done this in spite of the fact that when I attended Blogging 101 I thought doing that and Writing 101 simultaneously seemed like pure lunacy. So I just had to do it. I guess pure lunacy attracts me. I burn my wings, but I never learn. Learning’s for sane people. Writing is not for sane people.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy blogging but sometimes there are days when I’d just so much rather overdose on chocolate and curl up in a foetal position, shutting my brain along with the Reader, and praying for God to deliver me from WordPress. Every day is a writing day, I say. That’s a lie. That’s what I tell myself at night when the fingers freeze on the keyboard and my mind has yet another epicurean seizure. The truth is that some days are actually meant to be chocolate and Friends re-runs days.

But I still write. Why?

Short answer: Because i want to. It’s like being married. Every day is not such a great being married day, either, but you don’t give up on being married just because one day sucks. You married out of love, not out of pleasure-seeking (I presume). Now you have to stay married, because in spite of those sucky days, there are other days that make it all worthwhile. There are days when marriage actually improves your mental health. Really, there are!

So, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse. Out of love, I write.

(What a cheesy ending, but a true one. See, I enjoyed writing this blog post, although I started out hating the mere idea. Writing made me feel so much better again. I take back my cruel words and apologize to everyone, particularly Writing.)

15 thoughts on “Epicurean Seizures and Words of Love

  1. Not a cheesy ending at all!!! Writing is definitely a love/hate relationship. For all the struggles at times, the moments where you soar and shine – I wouldn’t trade it for the world 🙂 Great post!


  2. I love how you compared writing to a marriage. It really does become that when you get serious about it! lol Looking forward to reading more of your work 🙂


  3. I enjoyed the mini roller coaster ride in your read. I like how it ended on a positive note, and I love how writing can change your mood like that. Release!


  4. Love this! And it’s so true. Ya start out wanting to say, “Screw it!” But by the end of the post, you’re in love once again. 🙂


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