Life is a Movie – But Who’s Directing?

The anxious thing about life is that we are in the middle of a story, but we don’t know what kind of a story it is. Is it a comedy, or a tragedy? A heartwarming drama, where people leave the theater grinning stupidly and wiping tears at the same time? Or is it one of those flicks which you can only bear to watch halfway through before bequeathinghumphrey-bogart-619157_1280 the rest of your popcorn to your neighbor? Perhaps you are in a movie where the unsuspecting characters are assaulted by the undead while wind-surfing naked by the lake? Eew. I hope no one thinks they’re in that movie.

Acting would be a whole lot easier if you knew where your story is going. If you could ply your hand at directing and writing, the whole thing would be smoother. You could make amendments.

If you knew that you had one of the worst flops in the history of IMDB on your hands, you might sharpen up a bit. You might do something interesting instead of going to the same dull job every day for the rest of your life, doing the same boring, non-cinematic things over and over again. If you noticed that your protagonist is not a such a likable character as you thought, you might write in some character development. Perhaps you would find your protagonist mainly cooped up in her little house, not interacting with the rest of the cast. Then you might berate them. Dear protagonist, you’re being very, very naughty. That’s no way to create immortal drama!

charlie-chaplin-392926_1280If I got the chance to design my movie script right now, it would probably be an inspirational story of one woman’s struggle to overcome the inner obstacles that stand between her and the life of her dreams. This might be because I’ve nearly reached the halfway post in my life now (supposing that I live approximately as long as women in my country tend to live) and I’m not where I want to be yet. I want to see a story where I spring from poor beginnings into a marvelous future, with several exciting plot twists in between. Kind of like Oliver Twist but with laptops and red wine.

Writing in suffering and conflict would be easier if I knew that the ending would make it all worthwhile. But I don’t know. I just need to plod on with determination and try to direct as much as I can. Anyway, without conflict the story would be excruciatingly dull, and giving away the ending would spoil all the excitement. No director in their right mind would do that.

Life is the thrill of discovering your own denouement.

2 thoughts on “Life is a Movie – But Who’s Directing?

  1. Never forget what John Lennon said: life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. Here’s to a lovely dénouement. *raises wine glass*


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