Corner Sofa Love

This day’s homework on Blogging 101 entailed taking one of the prompts from the Daily Post site and flying with it. So here goes.

I loved this prompt, since in spite of some difficulties we’ve been having with the house lately, I have lived in this house for five years. It’s the only home my sons have ever known. When I am here, I feel at home. Prompt:

Five things in my house that make it a home.

  1. Our new corner sofa. I’ve always loved sofas, who wouldn’t? They’re soft and comfy and most of the time situated directly in front of some nice place such as the telly or the fireplace. We went for several weeks without a sofa, and in spite of all the health benefits of squatting, a living room without a sofa is like a donut without a hole. It’s just not the same thing.
  2. Shakti mats, also known as acupuncture mats. I’m addicted to these guys. I started off with the orange version and moved on to the hardcore “advanced” version with fewer spikes and more of that lovely tingly feeling that gets my blood flowing. Some call it masochism, I call it relaxing. I use this mat most nights to help me fall asleep. It also works great after I’ve been running: my legs don’t seem to get as sore the next day if I give them the Shakti mat treatment. I never bother packing a mat, but when I am away from home, I miss them.
  3. The Telly. It’s sad to say this, but without the TV set, sitting on that corner sofa wouldn’t be half as fun. Books too. If I don’t have a nice book from the library I feel stranded. I’ve just borrowed How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Morran and can’t wait to get started with it. tea-428307_640
  4. A great big stash of PG tips or other brand of strong British breakfast tea. This kind of tea is hard to find in Finland, so I usually never get any if I’m staying away from home. At home I enjoy mine usually black (gasp!) and from a large cup. It looks nothing like this picture, more like someone squeezed their wet socks dry in a cup after running through a muddy field. Mmm. Tea comforts, reassures, strengthens and motivates. The ads are not wrong.
  5. My kids and my husband. I have a lot of nice things that I like in this house, but without the family, the house would be nothing but an empty shell. I do enjoy getting some quiet time without the kids on occasion, but it wouldn’t feel the same if it weren’t for all the noisy times in between.

Now it’s your turn. What makes home feel like home for you?

7 thoughts on “Corner Sofa Love

  1. That looks more like something you would deliver to the doctor then content of sweaty gym socks 😉
    I would rather have a sofa then doing un-volenatry squats, I would hit the floor faster then you can say tea. Sofas are the thing, I wish I could be employed as a pro-sofa tester at IKEA, but I think they have machines for that.


  2. Thanks for turning me on to Shakti mats. I love acupuncture treatments but cannot afford them too often. This might be a great substitute. Thanks for the link.


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