How to make your own infographic on a zero budget and with zero design skill

Yesterday while planning my About pages, the subject of infographics came up. I thought infographics were the sort of thing incredibly talented designers draw up on their industrial steel worktops.

It’s not true. The same designers probably uphold this lie to keep them in business. There are in fact several easy-to-use sites where you can make your own infographics. Best news is that it doesn’t even have to cost you. Here is a simple infographic about how to make your own! //


The biggest problem I found when using these sites was the fact that they don’t necessarily let you publish your own designs unless you upgrade. That is annoying. Venngage is a good example of a site that was easy and pleasant to use, but downloading your design seemed to be impossible without a premium plan.

Easel-ly was my personal favorite, since it allowed downloading and was easy to use. For some reason it seemed to require a lot of processing power, though. It made my computer huff and puff. Here is one I created quickly about my pet likes and dislikes. It’s not beautiful, but it is informative! I might put it up on my About page. To get more icons and stuff, it would only cost three bucks a month to go on a premium plan, which is really quite cheap. And no, I’m not affiliated with these guys.

things i love

There are probably other good sites that I didn’t try yet. You can find one listing of such sites here. Or just Google free infographic tools.

If you get more into this kind of thing, you can go one better and learn how to use a free tool such as Inkscape to make your own infographics and vector graphics. That way you can get more personality and oomph into your designs.

Well, this was fun. You should try it, too! But be careful, it’s so much fun that you might easily get addicted and pollute the Internet with low-quality work. I know I did.

Oh, and before any designers get all upset: I realize that to get a really nice-looking infograph you might need some help. So for professional results, go to a professional.

8 thoughts on “How to make your own infographic on a zero budget and with zero design skill

  1. That’s very interesting. I did wonder, though, what if anything prevents people making an infographic on Venngage or a similar site and then simply taking a screen shot of the resulting work? I’m not condoning that, of course. (The companies have their money somehow.) I’m just curious.


    1. Yes, I guess you could do that. Not sure if it would affect the result, though. And there’s the moral side of course. The monthly fees for most of these are not even very expensive so it might be worth paying if you start doing more of them.

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      1. I guess people may have more flexibility if they do things properly, perhaps being able to go back and make minor edits, for example.

        I agree with the paying thing. If I need a particular kind of photograph for my blog and I can’t get it on a free site like Pixabay, I’ll buy one rather than just taking it from Google or something. I only use a very small number of pictures, so for me the cost is not very high. It also lets me feel a bit better about myself, plus the quality of the actual picture is often much better.

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  2. Very interesting post. And I learned a new word; I had never heard of infographic. I get the idea of that, but still don’t know what vector graphics is. Something for me to check out in the future.

    I love the infographic you made of your interests. I don’t see anything low quality about it. This process is intriguing and I may try it, although I’m taking heed of your comment that it is addicting! It will have to wait.

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  3. Reblogged this on Memorabilia and commented:
    Hmm Intereseting for y’all who would want to create an infographic (for me too, I plan to try this in a while.. so more to come from this new tool that I’ve come across.. Hurrraaayyy!!)

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