The Long and Winding Road to a Decent Theme

This is to all you Blogging 101 fellow members who are drudging away with their blogs, trying to create something beautiful.

I’ve tried too, and not with great success. It’s hard work picking the right theme, especially if you, like me, stubbornly limit yourself to the free ones. There are plenty of good ones, but none of them is perfect.

Currently I’ve picked Publication and while I’m happy with some features, others annoy me. Like, whatever happened to that tagline that I just worked so hard on? Whew. There was one theme I liked until I noticed that my title mysteriously disappeared altogether. No  tagline, no title, no nothing. The mystery cleared when I realized the theme was called “Untitled.” What’s up with that?

But I’m done for now. This theme’s not great, but at least it’s new. Chasing perfection is perhaps too much to ask on a Friday night. I’ll be happy if I manage to chase down a glass of red.

I won’t bother you with much else today. It’s been a long day and the kids refuse to go to bed. I’ve been writing for over two weeks now. The skin on my fingers hasn’t worn thin yet. This is good.

I hope you all managed to find nice, satisfying themes. What do you think of the one I picked? Hate/indifference/love? Disgust? Fear? Speechless consternation?

10 thoughts on “The Long and Winding Road to a Decent Theme

  1. I agree–this theme has some issues. I just added a new one to my blog after being happy with the one I’ve had for the past few years. Oh well, unlike a bad haircut, we can keeping changing it until we’re happy, right?


  2. Finding the right theme is hard – I don’t like this one.
    I like the old one better, but I do like that you can click the title in this one and get back to your front page (Yeeees, I did miss that on the old one).


    1. That’s just what I mean! Each theme seems to have something going for them but none of them have the whole package. Annoying. I guess I’ll still be changing this around. Sigh. Thanks for the feedback!


      1. No problem. It took me a long time until I found the previous one – I loved it so much that I paid for it. And I have a few new ones that I like just as much, but I decided to try something new. It’s a struggle, but you’ll find the one for you.


  3. I looked at the theme you’re using, but it didn’t do it for me –though it seems to be ok with your writing etc. I’m like you — I restricted myself to the free ones….of which there are quite a few. I found that adding one of my photos to the header dressed what could be an otherwise “standard” looking blog, making it a little more personal. I guess we live and learn, hey?

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    1. Aw, Maggie! You shouldn’t have! I really don’t feel like I deserve this with all the great blogs around. But I am so grateful for the honor. Thank you so much! Have a great week-end too!

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  4. The nice thing is you can change them when you want to! I used my first one for about a year. I was about 90% happy with it. The only thing I objected to was that it only showed the sidebar on the home page. I became more and more displeased with that lack so looked for a new one. In so doing I found one that kept the sidebar and did comments in a way that I thought was much more effective than my original theme!


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