Tagline + Hook = Fish?

Today on Blogging 101 we’re delving into titles and taglines. I thought I’d write an article on the subject and try to come up with a few ideas for my own tagline in the process. At the moment I’m happy enough with my title so I won’t be changing that. Besides, I only just wrote about coming up with a title to a story last week.

First thing I did, I tried slogan generators. Ever heard of those? I hadn’t either, not until today. Sadly, there are several slogan generators online. Just type in your keyword(s) and have a go. Here’s the link to a site that lists “the best ones” (their words not mine).

These are the first suggestions I got using one of these generators (with blogging as my keyword):

  1. Stimulation for Body and Blogging (What kinda stimulation you got?)
  2. You don’t want blogging for your enemy (I guess not…)
  3. Cuckoo for Blogging (Well, that’s fun in a weird kind of way)
  4. Pure Blogging. Pure Power. (Mm… Something to that)
  5. Ring Around the Blogging Gets Your Whole Wash Clean (you WHAT?)

There are hundreds of these suggestions. I expect the idea is not to take them on their own merit but to use them as a starting point. I hope so anyway. Or what do you make of: Put Blogging in your pipe and smoke it!

Come on! They’re just taking slogans that already exist and replacing the product name with your keyword. Not cool. Not cool. Beware of the slogan generator. It Makes Your Blogging Smack. Cleans a Big Big Blogging for Less than Half a Crown.

Don’t go there, or if you do, be careful. Tread slowly. The land is littered with tagline-mines that might blow your foot off.

On to what might work. I read through a few sites with ideas for creating taglines. This is really for creating a business slogan, but it might be some help especially if you’re dreaming of selling something one day and not just blogging for the fun of it. The process is as follows:

  1. Think about what you and your blog are all about. Come up with as many keywords as possible. Who are you, and what are you blogging for? Don’t just focus on what you do well, but also on your development points. Brainstorm! Get your coffee and felt tip pens out. Make a mind map or Evernote file or whatever you’re into. By the way, Evernote’s slogan is: Remember everything. Nice.
  2. Don’t try to be cute. Don’t try to be clever. This is what they say for big firms out there, and it’s probably good advice for them. Or what do you think of these taglines: Stillwell Ford: We put people in front of cars. Or Tyson: We’re chicken. However, the blogging world is probably different. Often it’s good to be a little clever and cutesy. Even identifying with chicken might be a good move. But in case you want to follow this advice, think simplicity. Power. Caca for Cutesy.
  3. Nothing too vague or negative, either. Like Enron: Ask Why. FileMaker Software: What’s Your Problem? Positive, inspiring statements work best, like the famous Nike slogan: Just do it, or MacDonald’s: I’m loving it.
  4. Hone it down to the best options and get a second opinion. The best thing would be to get some outside help but if you don’t have that, sleep on it. The questions you should answer are: Is it memorable? Is it powerful? Is it what you and your blog are all about?

But at the end of the day, this advice is for business slogans. Your blog tagline can be a lot more flexible, crazy, out there stuff. In fact, maybe it should be. Being creative is about knowing the rules and doing your own thing anyway. The most important point probably is just making sure your tagline reflects you and your blog. Oh, I also learned that it is probably not a good idea to capitalize your tagline for ease of reading.

So what are my tagline ideas? These are to go under the Hundred and Counting title.

It’s time to write. I like it because it is quite succinct. Not very original, perhaps, but it says what this blog is about. It may be a bit too general, though.

Every day is a good day to blog. I like the fact that this introduces the idea of writing every day, which is what my blog is essentially all about. It may be a bit boring, though. Whew, this is difficult.

100 days of cheap jokes and atrocious articles. It’s not funny ‘cos it’s true.

Blogging, and not stopping.  Great. I worked in a rhyme of sorts. Five cutesy points for that.

Gone blogging. Back in 100 days. This has the gist of it. Definitely trying to be clever and cutesy, though.

I’ll have a think and choose one by the end of the day. If you’d like to help with this process, please comment! What’s your tagline and are you happy with it?

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10 thoughts on “Tagline + Hook = Fish?

  1. It’s pretty tricky to write these things, isn’t it. I have a tagline for my blog but I never show it on my header. I like the title well enough without it. I’m not sure which of the alternatives is best. I kind of liked the “Blogging and not Stopping” one but I’m not sure it’s quite punchy enough. I prefer

    Bloggin’ not Stoppin’

    But I’m not sure about how I’d punctuate it. I just like the sound.

    Anyway, enough of my nonsense. Good luck finding a good tagline.


  2. Hey! Thanks for writing this very interesting and useful post. None of your tags strike me as they stand, but what about switching them around a bit or shortening them? “Time to write.” or “every day’s a good day” (since you already have blogging in your title) The most memorable is the 100 days one, but I wonder about the negative slant… (are your jokes THAT bad? Your articles are far from atrocious.) Good luck with this. I look forward to reading more!


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