One Week Down

It’s day seven, which means that I am one week down and I still have 93 days of non-stop blogging ahead of me. I think I’m off to a start, not necessarily a good one, but at least I have done this regularly for an entire week. That makes it the longest blog I’ve had. Good for me!

Today I’ve been suffering from this terrible feeling. It’s the feeling one gets after one looks at blogs of people who have been blogging for months, or years. Inferiority is the name of the game. I know it’s stupid, since, as I just said, these people have been doing this for years and I’m only starting out. It’s like a five-year-old comparing his first drawings to Leonardo da Vinci’s grand oeuvre.

To make some sort of progress, I’m going to attach a picture. Wa-hey! That’s nice.

This is a shot I took a few years back in London

This picture was taken in London at sunset. There’s no better place to be than London at sunset.

That’s all for today. I’m going to take it easy today, since even God rested on the seventh day.

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