Here I am, reporting for duty.

Let’s see. First, I think I ought to say a word or two about what subjects this blog is going to be about. I read somewhere online that you shouldn’t write an all-purpose blog about just yourself and whatever tickles your fancy at that moment. Well I’m sorry to say that this is exactly what I’ve decided to do.

The reason is simple. I’m doing this mostly for educational purposes, to learn how to write regularly, to learn to think up subjects and produce a mostly coherent story. I’m not doing this to make money or have millions follow me. Maybe later? Of course I’m glad if someone bothers to read some of this, but I confess that I might even feel a little bit relieved if no one does.

But obviously there are some areas of interest that I probably will be posting about. I like to delve into recent scientific research on psychology, nutrition, and the combination of two. I find that fascinating. I have two kids, so they’re likely to be on my mind. I also try to learn how to write better, speak French and Swedish, as well as code. I love to read and watch movies, travel, play the piano and ukulele and… Oh God, this is so going to be a general-purpose, good-for-nothing blog. Darn. I’m really sorry about that.

My secret wish, of course, is that by doing this regularly, some subject areas will start appearing at the race course more frequently, and others keep to their stables. That would create focus. Everyone loves focus. All I can say is, hopefully the next blog will have more of that.

I signed up for the WordPress 101 course but it only begins in September, as far as I could see. Meanwhile, I’ll stumble and make my own mistakes. I’ve always thought that’s the best way to learn, anyway.

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